DMSAK updated, available on Github (now with Drupal 7 and DB support)

I commited to Github the latest version of DMSAK; major improvements are full D7 and database support. Coming up next are scripts to fully backup and restore webs.

How to solve the endless loop bug in Drupal when using Globalredirect and Internationalization

If you have been looking for hours (like I did) how to solve the "endless loop bug" that occurs whenever you switch to a non-default language on the homepage of a Drupal 5.X based web site, welcome.

There is a huge thread on the subject, with lots of patches, at the website.
After wasting some time looking for the best, I found that this patch is the one to use:

Just wanted to record this for future reference and in case it helps someone fix it faster.

BTW, whenever you update Globalredirect module, you will need to reapply the patch.

How to calculate the ideal width for your site's template

There is a lot of talk about web design standards, and what should be your pages default width in the current times.
However, each community or specific site audience has its own term, either due to the typical type of terminal used to access the site (desktop, laptop, mobile, TV, etc.), the age of its user base and other factors.
So, if your website has been already up and running for some time and you have some statistical data (from Google Analytics, for instance) about your users client properties you can find out easily what's the best layout for your page template.
I created a small excel spreadsheet to help me decide what is the best width for a specific website.

Secure multi-site Drupal on Linux

Hi all,

Finally I got Drupal up and running on Gentoo Linux. It is actually a simple process, but I managed to make it quite complicated.

Anyway, while researching how to setup a secure multi-site install of Drupal I found a very interesting article on the subject by Justin Hileman.
Instead of simply creating a soft link for each instance pointing at the root of Drupal's install directory, he only creates links to a few required folders and wrappers for the default .php files. This allows to isolate each site's media content, themes and modules.
Read his article for the details. If you use Drupal, you should. It is worth it.

Following his instructions, and taking some examples from the script he posted in his site, I created a script that fits my Linux setup a little better.

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