DMSAK updated, available on Github (now with Drupal 7 and DB support)

I commited to Github the latest version of DMSAK; major improvements are full D7 and database support. Coming up next are scripts to fully backup and restore webs.

DMSAK (Drupal Multi-Site Admin Kit) is a tool that allows you to setup and securely run several sites at the same server from a single Drupal codebase. This has the advantage of improved manageability (only have to update and manage a single Drupal installation and modules), although you can also choose to install themes and modules only for a specific web.

Other new features are: install/update themes, automated database configuration in settings.php and many other improvements.

Items still on my TODO list are:

  • Integrate Translations/Install Profiles/Features;
  • Integrate with DRUSH (to execute automatic updates and manage staging/production instances);
  • Fully backup and restore webs (to also allow to move webs between servers);
  • Get tarballs automatically by name;
  • Manage multiple domain names per web;
  • Stabilize and make default the short /files FS option.

Another major thing to do still pending is to update documentation (everywhere, from the project page to the README).


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