How to calculate the ideal width for your site's template

There is a lot of talk about web design standards, and what should be your pages default width in the current times.
However, each community or specific site audience has its own term, either due to the typical type of terminal used to access the site (desktop, laptop, mobile, TV, etc.), the age of its user base and other factors.
So, if your website has been already up and running for some time and you have some statistical data (from Google Analytics, for instance) about your users client properties you can find out easily what's the best layout for your page template.
I created a small excel spreadsheet to help me decide what is the best width for a specific website.

The spreadsheet is actually really simple. You just need to fill in the columns of screen resolutions and visits to set it up. The resolution column must contain the "x" between width and height.
Then, input the width you want to test in the "RES LIMIT" cell.
The results have two perspectives. One shows you the proportion of users who have a resolution equal or greater than the specified (at the left hand side of the results table), and that of those who have a equal or smaller resolution (right hand side).
It is a very basic sheet and it can be expanded and improved.
Feel free to comment or submit improvements.

screenres_analysis_v0.01.xls51 KB


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