These are some projects I worked or still work on. I will add some screenshots and some files for download soon, for most of them. Feel free to contact me if you want more information about any of these projects.


PixClip — Easy, sleek and fast screen clipping toolPixClip logo

I developed PixClip originally to solve a personal need. Altough there are lots of screen capture tools available, none of those I tried satisfied me. They were all too complicated and required a lot of clicking around just to get a portion of the screen into the clipboard or to a file. So, I built a new tool exactly as I had conceived it and named it PixClip.

Read more about PixClip here, or download it for free at


DMSAK — Drupal Multi-Site Admin Kit

DMSAK is a set of tools to manage multi-site Drupal installs. It has scripts to create and delete webs, update the codebase and modules, create and restore backups and others. It supports various Drupal code base versions simultaneously at the same server and allows code tweaking and customization only on specific webs.

More info about DMSAK and downloads here.


Nave — Content Management System

This is one of the projects I worked on for a longer time. Basically, it is a web platform that can be used to create web sites and applications. In its base, it is a ontologically-driven CMS that automatically structures the information and creates navigation controls from the contents metadata. Nave was used to develop many sites and web applications at ITM when I worked there. Sometimes I still use it to build web interfaces to .NET apps or services.


FXMachine — Forex Trading Solution

FXMachine is a suite of applications, services, widgets and tools to develop and test strategies, gather realtime price data and news and execute automatically those strategies. Its precision is its greatest feature. Live price data is processed in a matter of milliseconds, by the tick. It also has a powerful and customizable charting system that allows a very quick and clear reading of the evolution of the strategies operation.

Read more about FXMachine.


BVCommander — Desktop Gold Trading Application

Bullion Vault is a gold trading market with gold vaults in different locations of the planet. BVCommander is a widget to view market prices in real time. It was supposed to allow quick trading at Bullion Vault, however, I have only implemented the login function (not very useful, indeed. ;-) Anyway, for those interested in following gold prices (and offer and demand too) it is a nice desktop widget.

More about BVCommander here.