FXMachine — Forex Trading Solution

FXMachine is a suite of applications, services, widgets and tools to develop and test strategies, gather realtime price data and news and execute automatically those strategies. Its precision is its greatest feature. Live price data is processed in a matter of milliseconds, by the tick. It also has a powerful and customizable charting system that allows a very quick and clear reading of the evolution of the strategies operation.


FXMachine has the following components:

  • DataTableRotator — Small utility to rotate data tables in text files (CSV, TSV, etc.) 90º clockwise.
  • Compact — Desktop widget to monitor FX prices.
  • DataGatherer — Service that collects, in realtime, currency tick data from various sources.
  • DataManager — Service to handle rate files in realtime.
  • FXMachineLibrary — Library that contains shared functionality, components and UI controls.
  • NewsImpactAnalyst — Application to measure and correlate the impact of news in the price history.
  • Operator — Service that executes operations at the broker or market.
  • RateDataParser — Utility to parse and fix Gain Capital's ratedata files.
  • Strategist — Main interface to develop and test strategies, manage and control strategy operation.


A few (old) screenshots:


FXMachine Strategist Screenshot

FXMachine Strategist, live testing a strategy


FXMachine News Impact Analyst running on Ubuntu Linux

FXMachine News Impact Analyst, running under Mono, on Linux