PixClip — Easy, sleek and fast screen clipping tool

I developed PixClip originally to solve a personal need. Altough there are lots of screen capture tools available, none of those I tried satisfied me. They were all too complicated and required a lot of clicking around just to get a portion of the screen into the clipboard or to a file. So, I built a new tool exactly as I had conceived it and named it PixClip.

PixClip is actually a very small and simple tool. With very few clicks, you can get any portion of your screen into the clipboard and paste it in documents, drawings, etc.

You can also use it to send it by MSN or other instant messaging clients, just by pasting the clip directly in a conversation window. It is the most practical way to "show" other people what you see, making it a very versatile communication tool.

PixClip was originally developed for Microsoft Windows using the .NET framework, but I am currently developing a Linux version (using Mono).

Some features (of the Windows version) are:

  • PixClip is free software;
  • Simple to use;
  • Very few clicks operation;
  • Stores captured clips in the clipboard;
  • Saves images to file;
  • Clipboard monitoring (allows to save pictures from other programs);
  • Configurable keyboard shortcut to open the canvas quickly;
  • Multi-head (multiple monitors) support;
  • Supports various file types (BMP, JPEG, GIF, PNG and TIFF are supported).


Read all about PixClip at its website: http://www.pixclip.net



PixClip menu

PixClip menu